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Mapping attachment help

Write an attachment of five or six pages in which you compare all two of the texts and contrasts, which we have read based on their special ideas of (until and including Hemingways a movable party ) the artist. As we emphasized in the class, each of these texts involved with the wide "modernist" project of the newly fulfilling artistic practice, artistic value, and the role of the artist in view of what was widespread to the failure or insolvency of the established artistic nature to his attitudes and institutions. In some cases - in some manifests, for example - a special idea of ??the artist is pretty explicitly and aggressively promoted. In other texts like Eliots the waste country immers an idea of ??the artist Indirekter. In fact, this distinction is considered between an explicitly explicit artistic agenda and an implicit represented, in itself as an important contrast in the manner, how different authors of the role of the artist were designed. However, there is nothing you prevent to choose the texts we have read (or viewed; You can write about a painting if you want).

To complete this task, you must:

1. Select two texts that is particularly interested in

2. Carefully examine the texts and take into account the way you understand artists. It can help to think about some of the recurring oppositions that we discussed in class, such as: Genius against luck, intelligence vs. stupidity, traditional vs. Modern, violent vs. peaceful, logical vs. irrational, Official vs. Not subjectible, rich vs. Arms, successful vs. fight, social vs. Individual, patriotic vs. International.

3. Start with the formulation of your work. Decide whether you should suppress the similarity of the two texts of the idea of ??the artist or the differences . A comparison / contrast attachment typically starts by recognizing what it does not seek to emphasize. For example, if you argue that Stone and Hemingway have similar ideas about what an artist should be and what social role an artist should play, then you start to notice how very different and even antagonistic were the two writers. In a movable festival describes Hemingway stone as a selfish and undisciplined writer, too lazy to edit, too indifferent to their readers; In contrast, he sees himself, as the utmost diligent editor of his own work, and forced things to always wait for the necessary elements to expect a reader to work to separate the good work from the bad. Start from this contrast, they could then observe that despite their apparent antagonism, stone and hemingway indeed had very similar ideas about writing and writers. With the same token, if you mainly emphasize the contrasting descriptions of the writer in Hemingway and Stein should you start to notice certain basic similarities of affinities. This use of the comparison to set up a contrast or contrast to set up a comparison helps to draw attention to the attention of your reader and to provide a motivation for the main business of the essay.

4. Design an introduction in which you set up your argument and collect with textual prove to support it. Find the specific phrases or passages that help you make your comparison or contrast clear and convince. Remember that even the most powerful and relevant passages do not simply do the work for you; You have to think about how they can present and interpret these passages most effective.

5. Design The main part of your attachment. If you have set up your comparison or contrast with an introduction, the main body of your essay usually follows one of two organizational systems.Either discuss the first text (A) for about two sides covering a pair of main points (1, 2 and 3), and then the second text (B) for about two sides, whereby the same main points are addressed the different text - so that the scheme A1A2A3B1B2B3 is; Or, in each main point of comparison or contrast, take on both texts before moving to the next point - so that the Scheme A1B1A2B2A3B3 is. Each of this basic schemes is fine, but you know that you know what your organizational setting is.

6. Design a conclusion . Try not to just render what you have already said. Take your thinking one step further; Do not turn off your brain as soon as you complete the main body of the paper. Use the final paragraph or so to propose a greater implication of your argument.

7. Revise the entire attachment:
Correction release IT for typos and other errors
Check if you are sure you All consumed sources have been recognized
is paginated
Create a cover sheet with their name, the title of the essay,
the date and words English 104.401.02a Short essay assignment
note it (no loop sheets are accepted!)

8. Send no later than 1:30 on February 14th .

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