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Top 7 Android write apps for students (promoted)

I definitely know two things about students. They are in a budget. And you are always looking for free tools to help you achieve your courses.

There is a false belief that a great software is always chargeable. In fact, some free applications improve the academic life of the students as well as paid alternatives.

In this article I have registered 7 Android apps that can help you to deal with your big problems - time management, budgeting, grafting and academic paper writing. To survive the tests, you can write to picking up essaypro essay help or take a look at some of the best software for students I came across.

You already know a few money-saving tips. However, the best uses mint to manage finance. Check the latest information about your bank accounts, credit cards and invoices. Follow what you spend and miss a chance to save a few bucks. Set memories, not to forget to pay your bills.

You do not have to worry about your private information. Safety is ensured with multi-factor authentication. You can set a password. If your phone is randomly lost or stolen, no one can see your expenses and savings.


It is often included in the Must-Have apps for students. This feature rich app helps to stay organized and increase productivity.

Evernote can create better notes in a variety of formats, including text, photos, sketches, audio, video, webclippings and more. The latest function is the handwriting. You can take your Android device with you and put your thoughts with your finger or stupid. Later, you can convert the handwriting to another note type and use your ideas for the attachment or preparation of the presentation. Evernote synchronizes your content over devices. So you can continue to work on the document on your computer. Discover other great features after downloading the app.


instructive is a homework planner. It is designed for students fighting with the rotting. With his help they stay up to date and know what comes in their courses.

There is a wide range of reminder apps to make the download available. Studiousim has a unique feature that distinguishes it from others. The app automatically sets your phone into a quiet mode when you come in the classroom. Just give your class locations.


It can be difficult to write your paper. You imagine how much work you have to and be discouraged immediately. The IA-Writer app has a number of features that make the writing faster and easier.

IA-Writer offers multimarkdown for editing. It also has an integrated dictionary. The app underlines incorrectly written words in red and suggests corrections. This feature is very useful if you enter a hurry and make many typo errors.

To improve your essay write experience, the IA writers offer the night mode and a word count. Your focus mode helps you to concentrate on a sentence at the same time.

When the work is over, you can select a template for your document. It is possible to export the file into different formats (PDF, DOCX, HTML or plain text). The app supports synchronization with Dropbox and Google Drive.

Dragon everywhere

This voice recognition app is tapping without touching the keyboard. Dragon everywhere listens to her voice and converts the words into digital text. It makes attachment several times faster. Imagine, you can write a research paper without entering a single word!

What makes this speech-to-text app unique is that draine familiarize yourself with the user's voice and improves accuracy over time. The more you use it, the better it works.


Trello is an incredible tool that can be used for different typewriting and editing tasks. It is perfect for long-term projects. Consider using it for the dissertation letter. It makes it possible to reduce a ton of work into smaller chunks. You can plan your work by creating the task lists and add the lists of subtasks under each one. While this is not an innovative idea, Trello is an ultimate helper to simplify workload.

The app is packed with a bundle of great features. It is possible to create a style sheet template to save your shared stylistic choices. Research for your academic papers makes a lot more convenient with Trello. You can save the resources and make sure you do not lose an important article. Download the app and discover the other helpful features.


This cool app has almost no competitors. His clear text editor is without the excitement and distractions of a usual word processor. The Clean Typing interface increases its focus on setting your thoughts into words.

Jotterpad is so popular because he supports writing not only in English, but in Spanish, Italian, French and Dutch. If you learn a foreign language, you do not have to search for a new paper writing app.

Let's list the different functions of Jotterpad. The app contains such essential features as undo / redo, universal dark theme, night vision, phrase finder, typewriter, scrolling and snapshots. A built-in dictionary helps you to find the right words, a thesaurus shows you synonyms, and a rhyming dictionary will help with creative writing orders such as poems or songs. You can convert your files into different formats and synchronize with Google Drive, Dropbox and Onedrive.

Jotter Pad is on for both short and long-term projects. It has fans between students, screenwriters, poets, novels, bloggers and journalists. You will definitely like this app.

I hope this list helps you with your studies. I believe that these apps will complement their Android device and their university degree. Of course, there are many other tools that you can find useful. Maybe you already have a favorite app. However, I recommend that you try new software all the time. You can find more suitable tools.

About the author : Michelle Brooks is the blog editor and the blogger specializing in career, e-learning and self-development. Currently, it contributes to the educational resource.

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